Christ Schlacta

Christ looking sideways

So you're probably here because you want to know more about Christ. Feel free to read up below.

Professional and academic

Christ Schlacta is a computer scientist, programmer, and web administrator from Southern California. Christ has recently finished at the University of California Irvine and earned a bachelor of science degre in computer science, all while maintaining the web servers for a small company based out of the Sacramento area, and implementing authn backend security and applied cryptography.

Christ was recently working on the groundstation for UAV Forge at UCI, and had completed several assigned tasks, including a handful of features and bugfixes, in a total timeframe of approximately six working hours. Additionally, Christ has completed project courses in algorithm design and analysis, video game development, and programming languages. Christ is currently demonstrating an inability to design æsthetically pleasing interfaces, and a mastery with backend implementations. This site, as a demonstration, asynchronously loads all the resources after the first visit, and utilizes a CDN in the form of Amazon AWS' Cloudfront service.


So you're here. You read that. you probably want to Commune with Christ, so here is some rough contact information, and you can find the rest on the Contact page. If you're not ready to make contact yet, you can read more about Christ below before you make up your mind.

(732) 474-7873
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Christ likes to watch anime and science fiction or fantasy shows in those brief moments of spare time. Some of Christ's favourites include Serial Experiments: Lain, Andromeda, Last Exile, and Hercules: The Legendary Journies. That's just a sampling though, if you want to ask, you can get a recommendation pretty much any time for a new show to watch, and Christ is always taking recommendations if there's something you want someone new to discuss a favourite show with.

The same holds true for Christ and reading. Christ will read pretty much anything middle or high fantasy so long as one or two people recommend it. Christ's favourite works of fiction include the Myst trilogy, The Deathgate Cycle, the Wheel of Time trilogy, and The Dresden Files. Christ is into more than just Fiction, however. Christ loves to routinely read books on programming in those oh so special languages: PHP, C++, Java, and the new favourite, Python.


Christ looking pretty

Christ is not big on activism in general, but has a few special causes which are of utmost import. Christ is a big supporter of both Body Positivity and Gender Identity, especially trans rights. Being fairly androgynous, Christ can pass as either a female or male, and often chooses to swap which it is. For this reason, among others, Christ has adopted a strong preference against the use of Pronouns and Gender Pronouns in specific. Just refer to Christ by name, and expect the same courtesy in return. Life as a woman has taught Christ much about discrimination, the need for feminism, and why it takes us so long both in the bathroom and to get ready to go. Life's a real challenge. Conversely, life as a man has taught Christ how to take every challenge in stride by facing every obstacle as a new enemy to overcome, and how to get shit done when being nice doesn't work. Switching between has taught Christ how important it is that each of us protect any less capable of protecting themselves than us, be they women, men, children, animals or anything else. The switching has also broadened Christ's horizons in other more subtle manners.

Body positivity is also important to Christ as many men and women feel ashamed of their bodies, and worse, are taught that they should feel ashamed of their bodies. Be it because of their gender, appearance, weight, genitals, skin colour, race, or even because they just don't conform to the archetypes jokingly portrayed by the media as men and women doesn't make any person any less beautiful, amazing, worthy, or deserving of a bikini. We're all equal when we come into this world, we're all equal when we leave it. We need to learn to treat each other as equals while we're here and learn to admire and appreciate what every other person has to share with the world rather than to judge those things.